Scurvy Trader's UWO Log

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Preface:  I had a log on OGP that recorded my (Scurvy
Trader's) progress each week.

I had about 30 weeks
of logs left to post when OGP went bust so the last part of the log was never
posted.  I usually post after the fact,
meaning there are events and activities that come up and I do not want to skew
any current activities by posting about them when they are happening.  Late in the game, things do not happen very
quickly, so posting once per week is fine. 
In the beginning of this age, dramatic progress will happen daily and so
I will start with daily logs (posted every few days or so for the first two
weeks) and then maybe twice a week from week 2 to the end of Nov 30th the
Papaya restart bonus. After that, I should be back to the once a week logs. I
will decide later as thing progress.
I hope you enjoy following along.


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    This is ScurvyTraders new UWO
    Papaya server log.

    It does not have a particular
    focus other than my thoughts and strategies at the time.

    The plans for cities and unlocking
    areas will not be optimal,   as a big part is focused on nations and
    companies doing certain actions to "open" new ares. 

    The first intermediate goal was
    to achieve enough fame to sail to North America and to India; North America to
    check and see if any bonuses were available for collection and manufacturing in
    the landing areas (that were available at the end of the OGP era), and India to
    gather pepper to sell in Europe to gain XP and trade levels.

    I was also very much hampered
    by not having any founders rewards for the first week of the game.  This focused me on having to gain Fame
    without being able to invest in ports for the first two days of the new server.

    Other players could focus on
    investing in ports for control, fame and court ranks, while I had to work basic
    college theses.  They could also gain a
    bonus for using the founders bonus rewards and so gained a huge sailing/fame
    and xp bonus over me.  This is not meant
    as a complaint, but just so you know why I was focused where I was.

    Because there was so much
    founder money floating around, Reinvestment booklets were selling for 200k and
    more early on! Need fame? buy 100 RIB's and invest 300M and boom, you have
    enough fame to sail anywhere that is officially open.

    This is about as good as I can start, with 50k ducats. School and Oxford here I come.

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    I dont know why the text looks like that, when I copy/paste it looks normal.
    When it gets posted it changes to that.. I will try Arial 12.
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    Arial 12

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    Day 1

    Papaya has put up some prizes for the
    first players to reach level 60 in all 3 classes. The race to level 60 is on.


    As I have no 500M to start, I think that
    the best way for me to gain Fame is to do college thesis.  
    The immediate goal is to do a basic
    school and to upgrade to anything faster than a barca  

    Feeling like the first upgrade from a
    barca to a memorial trade caravel (base 165V/25H), is not much of a speed
    improvement at all, I decided to do a R2 school instead of all 3 R1's. It is a
    hard thing to come down from 650/500 sail speed (Windjammer) to (179V/36H with
    sails trade caravel), so I go to intermediate schools in Cueta.

    Memorial Trade Sloop speed /cargo are
    now  305V/47H with junky sails and 246Cargo.

    I dont even have the modified top royal sails (from founders rewards) to
    add to my dinky ship. I have to go with the starting Jib because that is all i
    can afford! 

    When I get to oxford I realize that I am
    not allowed in until I am 5/5/5. And I have not enough maritime levels.  I do the basic maritime school in London.

    I open oxford and start off with the
    generic sailing thesis. 
    I decide that I need field studies which
    is not immediately available. You need R2 fishing and to have done at least 3
      The first theses done are just
    sailing around so they get done while i am working on my food trade skills.  
    As soon as it is available, I do a few
    collection thesis fishing and collection in Calais.
      The main reason for doing this
    "collection" thesis is that I need to be able to set up ScurvyTrader
    doing collection/fishing while I start my alt's life in school.
      It is just a lot of clicking, but it does
    take time to click and is easier if i don't have to focus on Scurvy's actions.
      Once I get alt ContraTrader up and running,
    it is Back to Seville Faro and Porto.  
    Cook wheat to R3 and Pigs to R4 and pork
    to R5, Ham at R6.


    Day 1 accomplishments

    Adventure Basic and Intermediate Schools

    Trade Basic and Intermediate Schools

    Maritime Basic School

    Started alt account.

    Field Studies College skill 1,

    Cooking R6

    Fame 2000

    50k ducats.

    Sailing a memorial Trade sloop

    Started alt account.

    Scurvy's levels 13/14/6

    End of day 1

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    Day 2

    beginning the grind for fame.   Today I made my base in Seville and worked on
    grinding Food/Animal trading and Cooking. I did most of my cooking inside the
    archives.  Every 100 production, i
    reported a new thesis. 100 grain into flower, 100 fish processed, 100 pigs into
    pork and then pork into bacon and ham.  I
    did over 100 thesis to get the my fame up over 14,000. Another key was picking up
    my 1st Aide as soon as i hit level 20. It will be critical in the future to
    have an aid with 50 trust so I can assign her a ship to captain and increase my
    cargo limit.  Another key feature is
    creating Vigor food so that I can cook pigs and other stuff without having to
    go in and out of the tavern.


    today's accomplishments

    over 100 college theses,

    Fame 14,000

    Ham and Cheese Sautee R4,

    Steamed Cod R5,

    Roasted Salmon R6

    1M ducats.

    Sailing a Memorial Schooner

    Cooking R9

    Fishing R8

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    Day 3

    Did Advanced trade school. Didn't read
    any of it, just clicked and went/delivered what they wanted.  No questions? Tell me again..? ... No
    questions!  Got my cooking up to R10, and
    fishing R9+1, 48 hours after the game started. 1 hour later I made tuna steak!
    I sold some at 90k Each to get some much badly needed money. I was going with
    some +5 +0 sails because I could not afford anything else.  I sailed to Boston to see if you could invest
    in the railways, or take a railway to the landing areas. (you can').  I then sailed to a landing area and did
    collections with R1 field studies on. There is no longer any +100 xp bonus for
    collecting.  The only good thing is that
    I kept all of the tobacco and sailed home with a load.



    Cooking R10,  Made Tuna Steak.

    4M Ducats.

    16,000 fame


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    Day 4

    Prepped for india.  Before I go, I needed 20k fame xp. I also
    needed ceasefire agreements, so because I could not afford them, I had to sail
    to Greece and make them. I also prepared to get the Spice Trader job. This
    required me to get Alcohol trading R3.  I
    also wanted to have a dual function when I went to India. I would pick up
    perfume trading, then sail back and forth between Goa and Diu to boost Perfume
    Trading to R3(needed to get spice R1). The aim was to be in a yarn dealer job
    and while sailing I would buy all the cotton and mohair and other textiles,
    process it as much as I could. I had my Sewing at R4.



    Sewing R4

    Alcohol Trading R3

    Fame 20,000

    12M Ducats

    Made 100 Ceasefires

    Made 400 Tuna Steak


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    Day 5

    First run to India. My fame is finally
    over 20k (Spanish) and my alt's is over 16k (Portugese). Scurvy is in a Graduation
    Sloop and my Alt ContraTrader is in a Graduation Polaca. The Polacca holds
    more, but I need the lead ship to be fast, so I sacrifice some cargo for speed.
    Max combined cargo 614, Pepper 400. food/water 214.  65% Pepper/35% F&W  You can make a huge killing by selling pepper
    right now. It is going for 200k ducats each!

    I cannot afford to sell it in a bazaar, by
    selling it to the market keeper, I will gain the critical XP needed to increase
    the size of ship I can captain and I need to raise the level of my first aide
    so that he/she can captain a fat cargo ship. 
    I spent most of the time in India sailing between Goa and Dui to get
    Perfume trading to R3, then Picked up Spice Trading.  At the same time, I was in the yarn dealer
    job and purchased all the cotton and fabrics and worked sewing skills.  I repeat it, because it is hard to believe, Pepper
    sells for an incredible 200k each


    Accomplishments today

    First Run to India


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    Day 6

    3 runs to India.   On the
    3rd run, my aide hits 50 trust and I immediately make him captain of another
    Max combined cargo is now 860, Pepper
    600; food/water 260.
      70% Pepper/30%
    I have to say in that Food and Water
    I have come to always have 5-6
    other burnable goods as well as fish in my cargo hold just 2 of each.
      Fires and buring goods are a common
    occurance. I think the choice of good is random, but if it manages to burn
    pepper , It will burn 50-100 pepper as opposed to 1-2 sardines!  

    Picked up my farm at Diego Garcia.

    Pepper is still at 200k, but I am not
    selling (in a bazaar) any of mine. I am selling it all at the market and
    gaining levels (with the restart bonus)


    Accomplishments today

    Spice trading R4, Sewing R6

    Aide trust 50/captains a sloop

    Diego Garcia Farm

    34M Ducats


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    Day 7

    I finally get my Founder's rewards!
    I picked up a +2 spice trade Pearl
    earrings for 20M in a Seville shop and on the first run today, I picked up the
    spice trader job.  
    On the second run, I completed the
    Indian Goods Memorial album and picked up the +1 spice trade Pajamas.
       Instead of doing a 3rd run, I start
    working on Intermediate Maritime School.  
    The goal is 25/32/25 to buy and sail a
    trading Xebec from India. I already have it purchased on my 2nd run, ready for
    when I hit maritime level 25.
      After IMS,
    I alternate between battle reports (50+1) ships with the help of an Amulet of
    the Sun and any easy quest. I do 3 battle reports and make it to Maritime level
      The AOS are on Sale in Seville for

    Luckily I just got my founder's rewards
    and can afford one.


    Accomplishments today

    2 runs to India.

    Completed Intermediate maritime School.

    Sailing a Trade Xebec 192/315 with


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    Day 8

    3 more runs to India. My usual run is a
    4 hour cycle. I take the 8am liner from Lisbon to Cape and now I can either
    sail to Calicut or take the next 9am liner to Calicut. Sail back and forth
    between Calicut and Cochin until I am full of pepper. 10am I then sail back to
    Seville, taking anywhere from 70-80 minutes, depending on winds and how closely
    I am paying attention to optimizing the line. 
    Back at 11:20am to sell the spice. 
    I usually complete the pride of India Trade quest coming back, and have
    a sailing thesis active that completes on arrival in Europe.  30minutes to re-organize my things and 12noon
    liner out to Cape Town again.  Today I
    hired my 2nd aide as soon as I hit level 40. My Aid captain was only level 18,
    but thanks again to the Founder's rewards, I can assign him the Aide Trade xp
    card and immediately give him 30k trade xp. I use 2 and get him to level 20, to
    meet the requirements to hire a 2nd aide.

    I am now sailing an Xebec/aide in
    Sloop/Alt in Polaca.

    Total Cargo 1120,  850 Pepper 270 Water/Food  74% Pepper 26% F/W other goods.

    Pepper is still at 200K and the pirates
    have started to show up at Calicut!


    My next goal is 20/44/20 as I have just
    purchased a Trade Large Galleon from a player Bazaar.  This one is designed with 857 cargo.  My Alt's goal is to get to 25/32/25 so he can
    sail a Trading Xebec too.


    Accomplishments Today

    3 runs to india,


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    Day 9

    nothing special,   4 runs to India, sold all of the pepper in
      They have spices
    for sale and it is harder to crash the market (with spice) if it is not already
    Cargo got bumped three times in quick
    succession. Aide trust got up to 60 and trade level up to 21, so I switched him
    to a Polaca too.
      Total Cargo 1242, 850
    Pepper and 270 F/W.     
    Then my Alt's aide finally has 50 trust,
    so I switched the sloop to her.

    Xebec/Pol Pol/Sloop  Total Cargo is now 1488, 1150 pepper,
    338 F/W.

    Lastly, when sailing back from Calicut
    to Seville, I switch to a Large Trade Galleon.

    LTG/POL POL/Sloop

    Total Cargo is now 1839! 1455 pepper,
    383 F/W 79% Pepper, 21% F/W.

    Pepper still selling for 200k!  But I am still using the pepper to increase
    my levels and cargo capacity.  There is
    the Race to level 60 still on for Trade and Adventure.  The Maritime top 10 is already out.  I could probably still try for the Trade top
    10, but it would be hard as I am at least 2 days behind, just getting fame to
    travel to India, plus, I have no boosts to use. 
    I will keep at it for one more day and do a survey of the other players
    levels who I see at Calicut loading up with pepper.


    Todays Accomplishments,

    Vastly increased my cargo capacity.


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    day 10.

    Gave up on the race to 60.

    I was told by another company member that
    the top 10 spots are already taken.  The
    maritime competition is done and posted. Unofficially the Trade race is done

    I am level 50 and can now easily bring
    back 1455 pepper on each trip. Level 44, was the highest I actually needed to
    get the maximum cargo space, but I still thought I could get close to the top.
    How wrong I was.

    It would still take me 7 more days
    focused on only sailing to India and back to get to level 60. The reward would
    be 60 NPC or PO's

    I can sell the Pepper for 150k and make
    200M. and buy 200 PO's of my choice!

    The only good side effect is that I need
    the skill slots and you get one approximately every 3 levels in total. at 31/50/29 i have
    37 skills slots available.

    The only 2 skills I will work
    differently this "wipe" is Plunder and Rowing. Rowing is Not needed,
    for anything but it takes a long time to work up and is extremely useful in PvP
    and for escaping other pirates in a fast ship.

    My goal now is to focus on skills and
    get get as many skills to R5, and R9 as I can as, Manufacturing skills to at least R9.

    At the end of the day I sail to Calicut
    and pick up 1455 pepper to bring back for sale at 120k per pepper.  That turns into 175M minus losses from
    disasters at sea.. etc.

    The 175M , i end up buying as many as
    175 PO's! The reward for coming in 21'st to 50th is 60NPC's and 51st to 200th
    is mostly PO's (only 120 PO's) It makes no sense to race to 60. It is better to
    sell the pepper in Bazaar mode while i am sleeping and buy 192 PO's on the $
    for one trip. 

    As the players who were racing to 60
    actually hit it, they now put tons of pepper on the market overnight and
    started to drop the price. Pepper is now selling for 120(low) 150(normal) to
    200(not selling).


    Today's accomplishments.


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    Day 11,

     The goal as always is to work on
    things early that will have a long term lasting effect on cargo capacity, now
    speed, and skills. Large Extra Spanker rarely lose durability so it will be
    good to make them early. They will also improve speed from +6V to +22V.  This will save time on Every trip in the
    future. When i upgrade my ship, they can be outfitted on the new ship in a few

    Working on making 4 large extrta
    spankers +11V and +2-0 light wooden armor for faster ship acceleration.  Worked casting from R1 to R9

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    Day 12

    Picked up the Cook job in
    Stockholm. I had the Cod in Wine ready to go. I picked up a ribbon and then
    loaded up on salted fish nuts.

    I wanted to pick up the metal trader
    job, from Santo Domingo, but there is no silver available in Grand
    Cayman/Truijilo/Merida/VeraCruz! There is not even a scholar in Trujillo where
    i can pick up a new thesis!  The area
    needs more investment.  The development
    in the Spanish colony of Trujillo is only 6000.



    Day 13

    left the computer on and Sold 6 XL
    Spankers overnight in a regular bazaar. Pepper is 100k now and Mace/Nutmeg are
    selling for 150K  I found a Trading
    Clipper for sale at 50M. I will have to get two more trade levels to sail it...
    back to India!


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    Day 14

    I opened up SEA with an Imperial Quest,
    and brought back a load of pepper from India. 
    The area does not officially open until i report it back to Seville so I
    cannot bring nutmeg/mace yet.  I bought a
    trading Clipper for sale in the Bazaars for 50M. Outfitted with decent sails,
    it is 301V 379H,

    701 Cargo.  This is what I will be sailing if I do spice
    Runs from SEA.



    Day 15

    nutmeg and mace down to 85k in shops, players
    are still asking 120k in bazaars 
    I bought some 600 mace/nutmeg i found
    for 80k each in a shop. In addition to a regular run to India.  
    Papaya will be happy to know I spent
    $100 for UWC, I need to buy the extra skill slots NOW, while the XP skill bonus
    is on.

    Picked up Ocean Explorer Job.

    While in Santo Domingo I noticed that
    there is Silver now for sale....

    Picked up metal Trade job.
    Thought about getting the Political merchant job, as with boosters I have the
    skills now, but i lack the trade fame necessary to get the quest.


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    Day 16

    Pepper 70K, Nutmeg and mace 90K. 

    I started working on Archeology. I

    filled up bazaar with Large Extra
    Spankers +11V, they sell well at 15M as nobody else is selling them.

    Sailing the Trading Clipper today!


    Day 17

    More Archeology

    Picked up unlock as well, 30+ archive
    maps. Passed 100 discoveries total today.

    Took the liner to St. George and picked
    up 100 Gold. Did the Political Merchant

    Crazy way to make trade fame.  Turn on your fame +50% booster, carry a
    travellers food procure book and a livestock secrets poultry book. Then load up
    on vigor food and start raising chickens. To make it interesting i started with
    10 eggs and grows at approximately 20%. 
    Within 26 cycles of eggs->chickens->eggs, I had over 1000 eggs.

    Nutmeg/Mace selling for 70-80k

    Picked up arms dealer job.


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    Day 18

    Nutmeg/Mace down to 60k-70k each

    Worked repair and Ship building  Built Ship #39 Cutter in London R7 Repair, R7

    Did a mini BR in London while making
    ships, leveled to 32 Maritime so I can now sail the La Reale that I bought earlier.



    Day 19

    Pepper 50K, Mace/Nutmeg 65K

    Doing battles along the river next to
    Istanbul (actually called the sea of Marmara.)

    There are a lot of Ottoman galleys there
    who want to melee so it is an excellent place to

    practice tactics and plunder.

    Ran out of Guns for battle and there are
    NONE for sale in Seville.. time to go to the North Sea and work Casting so I
    can make my own.  My gunnery skill is
    still weak so I plan on making Rapid 16's. Not the best, but my reload is Nil
    and I need to work skills more than kill fleets.


    Todays accomplishments R12 Casting,

    Obtained the Naval Officer job

    Picked up a Ultimate Spear Training book for 90M. By itself it is worthless.

    I will have to check the company shops
    every day until i find the Spear Training Secrets book.  If i get it, I will be set for land battles.


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    Day 20

    Mace/Nutmeg 66k-70K

    going to pick up Arms in Portobello and
    do lots of battles in Caribbean safe waters. I will be in Naval Officer Job and
    keep working the skills.  I found a
    decent Heavy Trading Caravel for an aide with 464 cargo for 15M so I bought it
    for my alt's aide. 

    If we do spice runs from SEA, we are now
    sailing Trading Clipper/Grad Polaca, Trading Xbec/ Heavy Trading Caravel 1996
    Cargo.  301V/379H


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    Day 21

    Switching things up a bit. Doing my
    first run to SEA. Took the liner from Lisbon to Cape, then the liner from Cape
    to Jakarta. Even though my alt can't enter the SEA ports he is critical in
    fleeting and carrying spice back to Europe. Will test my clipper's speed on the
    way back.   India is Lawless waters, so
    this combined with the fact that the players going to SEA are a lot
    faster/tougher makes it easy to see why the pirates are hanging around India
    instead of Ambon/Run.  Interestingly
    there is no bank in Ambon. Perhaps this will change when the
    development/investment increase.


    A comment on the National status of
    access to SEA. The area has been open to different nations for some time.  Spain opened SEA fairly quickly. It only took
    them 3-4 days to open it. After that, Netherlands, Venice,France, England opened
    it. It takes Imperial Quests to open the area. I believe the number of points
    needed to open the zone is 6000. This is also influenced by the number of ports
    that you control.  +500 for x ports
    controlled etc.  A point is awarded for
    every * for an Imperial quest dedicated to the exploration of SEA taken from
    India. A 9* Maritime IQ will grant 9 points towards opening SEA. Because I am
    Spanish but belong to a Portugese company, If I did an IQ 
    the points would be added to the Spanish
    total, not Portugal.
      As far as I can
    tell my company this Era (WindRider_Academy) is the only company really working
    towards opening SEA. They have pushed the point total to about 2981/6000 so
    far. The effort is hampered this week because India waters are lawless and the
    pirates are hanging out there, and all the IQ are taken from India and done in
      Special thanks to Cassiopee,
    ThristinHowl, CullumStraun, Aruthra, Jep443, Toger, for working on IQ's when
    they could have been working on developing levels and skills.
      I am sure more worked on the IQ mission to open
    SEA and that I missed them(sorry), as I am only on during NA West Coast hours
    and I pulled the names from those asking if anyone wanted to help out doing


    From Ambon to Seville,  60 minutes. Nice. 1728 adventure XP.  for my alt.

    BR in Antilles again. Stayed until my
    cannons busted. Came back and picked up the Tailor job quest.  I can only do this quest because someone has
    put 3 satin dress with ruff for sale in the Marseilles company shops 40M each,
    ouch! The book to make these is a rare plunder item. I completed the quest and
    decided I needed to make some money back with the tailor job .  I used a 1h gain 50% bonus xp charm and
    pulled out 100 PO3's and went to work in Oslo. 
    I grinded thru and gained a ton of textile trading skills as well as
    making it to base R13 Sewing.  With a
    Jade amulet, that is R13+2 and I made sails to sell.  There are virtually no 22/25 -1's for sale.  They should make me a lot of $.


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    Day 22

    The 22/25's sold for 20M each. After
    checking all the Bazaars and Shops in Seville, it is time to try my hand at
    boot making.  There are no medium or high
    defense boots for sale anywhere. Spent 5000 college credits and turned on Great
    Success III. 

    Set up my bazaar with boots,  then went to Caribbean to do a Battle Report.



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    Day 23

    I found both books, casting fine
    protective gear and casting - fire cannon in Seville shops, so I am off to
    London to do the Blacksmith Job
    quest.  Mace/Nutmeg are around 60k each
    in the shops Pepper 45k.  After I obtain
    the card, I set up to make 1500 Salted fish with nuts, me in Calais collecting
    berries and my alt now Fishing R14 for salmon outside of Bergen. 

    Brought a load of Stone and lumber to
    the company shared storage to help with colony building, then ... 
    upped my aid to a Big Trading Carrack.
    her cargo is now 492. Max Cargo with
    Trading Clipper/Big Trading Carrack, Xebec/ Heavy Trading Caravel, is

    The rest of the day is land battles in
    the middle of Merida outskirts.


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    Day 24,

    Nice! I picked up the Spear Training
    Secrets book today for 80M. I can make Halberds now which will be one of my end
    game weapons. I can train with it endlessly and forte it up to 1000.  The three key weapons in this game from a my
    point of view are Yatagan, (throwing dagger), Flamberge (long sword) and
    Halberd (spear).  These three items can
    be made from a dagger, long sword and spear which are readily available in
    Europe.  The second reason these weapons
    are key is that they can be "upgraded" in attack strength to a normal
    maximum 100 attack.  The third reason
    they are key is that they can be easily repaired from low to maximum
    durability.  The two key (minuses) of
    these weapons is that 1) they require two books to make that are rare NPC

    Sword/Spear-Training Secrets and
    Ultimate- Sword/Spear Training; 2) they take effort and patience to get them
    close to 100 attack.  Think of it this
    way, at the highest skill levels/ with college skills + success etc. you have a
    5/6 chance of improving your weapons' attack. On a 1/6 (fail) the weapon is
    destroyed. Just as an estimate, you need to get 20 successes in a row to get
    your weapon from 35 to 100Attack. Now think of rolling a six sided dice 20
    times. Cross your fingers and hope you don't roll a 1.  Every roll costs you 10 coal and 10-15 steel.  BTW, if you don't have all the college skills
    on, the success rate is somewhere between 1in4 and 1in5.

     Charted first three sea zones including
    Baltic sea to get the quest Delviery to the capital of Russia. I need to open
    St, Petersberg to get the extra skill slot and to refine my production skills.

    I am working Adventure skills Bio and
    Geo to level R6 to be able to get level R2 Traps when I land battle, with my
    new spears.



    Day 25.

    All day doing Bio quests and maps

    Biology R6, Ecological Research R5,
    Geography R5 Recognition R5. Once Geo is R6 i will return to Mardria and do
    more land battles.



    Day 26, no report

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 13th. 2017 (Day 27)

    Pepper selling in the shops for as low
    as 40k now. Nutmeg/Mace 60k all over

    more land battles in Merida with my new
    Halberd, picked up several TrapR2 techs.

    Turns out I can only have 1 aide in one
    of the optional positions as my quarters only allows 1 reserve aide to be
    placed.  That aid can be in Bazaar mode,
    production  mode or in aide fleet.  Currently I need him to be in Bazaar
    mode.  For those with large fleets, and
    multiple alts, they can bring back more than twice as much as I can on a spice

    I prefer for them to do that and for me
    to spend my time 1) raising skills and 2) producing items that people will buy
    from my bazaar.  Whatever I am working on
    gets sold.  The key is to know what sells
    and to price your goods reasonably.

    When I am working on Cooking, I make
    extra Tuna Steak, and Salted Fish and Nuts to sell.  Sewing, i made XL spankers and now I make
    22/25 -1 sails.  When working casting, I
    make rapid fire 16's and when working handicrafts, I am making boots. They are
    only defence 40 boots, but nobody else is selling anything close, so they sell
    quickly.  With the money I make, I have
    lots of options.  Buy more PO's for trade
    and production skills, buy + items for adventure, buy spice even to gain levels
    if I need to.

    Cooking is high level, so I do the pre-quest
    and Picked up patissier job.  Several contribution items require high
    level cooking so this is a good thing to prepare.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate
    I wish they would fix the ability to edit a post.  I do not know why the gap shows up in my previous post.... it is not in my original document....
  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 14th (Day 28)

    Used a +3 adventure skills bonus and picked up thief job.

    Bio is low 6+2 scarab+3 founder item
    bonus, R11 need 12 for Nauturalist, so I can browse archives at will.  The rest of today will be doing the prequest
    chains needed and to gain 1 bio to get the Naturalist job.  pepper 40k, Mace/Nutmeg 55k

    Spending the day doing lots of Bio

    With R12 Bio, R10 Search, and Spanish
    and Swahili, 14k adventure fame, I completed "to the east of
    Madagascar" and "Dragon of Africa."  Then I used 200 QMP's but could not pull 2 of
    the prequests needed for the Naturalist job. "Demon bones" or "A
    bird like an over-fat goose"I completed "to the east of
    Madagascar" and "Dragon of Africa"  There must be some requirement that is not
    printed that I have not met.  I even
    tried pulling the quests from Calicut, Aden, Mozambique AND Cape. No luck.  I guess I will have to wait to become a
    Naturalist. ( I am guessing there is an unlisted fame requirement)

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 15th (Day 29)

    found pepper for in a company for 28k
    today, Nutmeg 45k

    WindRiders has Poupelin Trees for
    contribution. Good thing I picked up the Patissier job in advance.  I will spend the day making them.  I can't heIp the company with IQ's to open
    new parts of the world(because I am not Portugese), but I can stock the company
    shared storage with contribution items. As far as I know, nobody else has the
    Patissier job yet. think tomorrow I will work Appraisal/Art and unlock as a

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 16th,  (Day 30)

    made and delivered 900 Poupelin trees to
    company shared storage. 
    Then was out most of the day with real
    life meetings. 
    Funny Story from yesterday. Game update
    was up for 1h.. then closed again.

    Apparently the cash shop was selling 10
    captains tickets for 300 UWC. This is about 1/6th the normal price, and a few
    players bought hundreds of tickets. 
    There is a thread asking to ban the players.  I think this is nonsense.  The fault was Papaya's and the loss was
    Papaya's. The players who think that the players "illegally" bought
    the tickets should be banned are completely wrong.  The tickets were fairly offered and the
    buyers paid the listed price.  Papaya
    even called it the "Bonus Ticket Blowout" I was not one of those
    players who took advantage of a good situation, but I would have if it was
    offered to me. (I only knew because it was discussed in the forums.) Who knows,
    perhaps Papaya was trying to do some price/demand modelling and did it
    intentionally. It is like finding 200 PO 2's in somone's bazaar for 80k,
    instead of 800k each. I buy them all and know I got a great deal. 

    This has also happened in reverse where
    I wanted to sell a sail for 10M but missed a zero and sold it for 1M.  The buyer got a good deal.  If you want to see real life stuff like this,
    go watch a professional coupon show or go to a poorly advertized auction with
    few bidders.  Buyers find massive deals
    and buy carts full of goods for just a few dollars. All legal.

    In any case, Papaya shut down for 15
    minutes and changed it 30 minutes later.


    Just my 2c.  My philosophy in this UWO
    game world is that whatever is allowed by the game mechanics is legal unless
    specifically banned by Papaya.  So, the
    big 3 are:

    1) max 3 accounts per IP.

    2)No buying from " offsite
    cash" shops.

    3) No fleeting/pirate farming.

    Other than that, players who say using
    AOS to fight battles, buying spice from bazaars to level, is unfair is just
    nonsense. Those players might as well not fleet to leech a skill or pull a
    quest. I say, how can you build some parts unless you fleet/leech. As far as I
    know, it is impossible to have SB 16 and Handicrafts 15 at the same time to
    build an official large 3 decked Row Boat.

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 17th, (Day 31)

    changed to thief and worked Art and
    unlock skill. Efficient Ship building is back as a college skill so I will
    probably build tomorrow for a day until i get to R9 SB.

    EA goods started showing up in the
    Seville Bazaar today. 140k-150k each, Nutmeg/mace at 45k , no pepper in


    Nov 18th. (Day 32)

    EA at 100-120k, Mace/Nutmeg at 45k still.  Pepper in company shop for 35k.

    used a 
    +3 founders reward for maritime skill and picked up Cannoneer Job, Sr. Officer Job, Privateer Job, and Pirate Job. 

  • patersmith66patersmith66 Posts: 503Member Intermediate

    Nov 19th, (Day 33)

    BR in Carribean while it is safe
    waters.  NA festival is back on.

    will make and distribute boots and sails
    today, then end up collecting and doing land battles in NA as a thief, to work
    plunder and SP.  Also have to make more
    poupelin trees. We are short on berries, so I even though it is much farther, I
    will collect berries in NA and check the Thanksgiving Festival.


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