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Hello heros you might have seen some of these items while farming in trieste, next time you spot them please collect them for me! Sadly I have no time to collect them for myself but i do have some pretty sweet rewards for those who can collect them and show them to me before midnight PDT on the 22nd of July

1 level 130 Devine noble angelique pant for hunter
1 level 77 Nobel hercules boots for bagi warrior
1 level 95 magic draconis staff 
1 level 115 devine noble broteryujin black wizard weapon.
1 helions seal
1 Wyburn blue necklace (level 140 ice resistance necklace)
50 football fish
50 gizzard shards
6 x 7% Fire gems
1 x 8% lightning gem
500 x qunes title exchange tickets
999 x golden treasure boxes
9999 x Gemstones
1000 x Socket Powder
5000 x Fortress vouchers

Prizes - These will be given in a first come first served manner I will be in game to receive your items ( I WILL BE KEEPING THEM!) at least once a day until the closing time and date I will shout every time I am in game and where for you to come and exchange with me. 
First 2 Players to successfully trade me ALL of the items on the list will win 1 x 10% STR gem of their choice
Next 5 players will win a Helions dawn crest costume
Next 10 - Unique socket egg item plus either one 8% melee gem or one magic 8% gem (these will be given on preference until only one type remains)
Next 5 - Unique socket egg item.
Next 5 - 4 x 10% curse destroy gems
Next 10 - 2 x 30 day enhanced fate to grow wings
Next 7 - 1 x 30 day enhanced fate wing box.
anyone after that will receive a mystery item!

A couple of rules for this I will take the items
You must get ALL the items before attempting to trade me part lists will not be accepted.
If a player I know to have multiple characters trades me special note will be taken and I will not trade their other characters
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