You are dying, and it's time to accept that.

As a returning player I was rather surprised to see so many changes made to a game that I've held very dear in my memory for so many years. Quite a few changes I did not agree with. Some I liked, and others I had no opinion on. Dekaron has been developed by different hands over the years, and it pains me to see the game fall into the hands of a company like this. For awhile I could ignore it. But now you've declared war in your latest patch notes and introduced a jump system to completely devalue the effort that so many have made prior to the update with no compensation towards their efforts. This is the final straw for an old school player. I have been a part of this world since the Bad Moons Rising update. I have helped develop servers in the private sector. I know this game better than most people do. So I suggest you heed my words: You are dying, you are desperate, and you will lose this war because the only conclusion for your "intellectual property" is for it to die. The margins are just no longer there, and the player base is a shadow of what it used to be once upon a time. It's time to stop feeding off the hard work of those who created this legacy. This game is not and will never be yours. You did not create it, you perverted it into an abomination that spits on the work of those before you. Shame on you, shame on all of you.

Battle Support
What can I say about bots that hasn't already been said over and over for years? A new character gets 7 days of unlimited botting to farm items such as fragments that get traded for graces. Back in the day bots were not welcome in Dekaron. In fact the entire player base made efforts to PK bots on sight. But here you are, thinking it's a good idea to allow afk farming. Third party currency sales have historically been a detriment to the player markets of any game. Yet you have given these groups everything that they need to flourish. Make a new toon, bot farm your ass off, rinse and repeat. Do you have any idea how many fragments can be collected in an 8 hour period of afk farming? Now multiply that by 5 or even 6. Do you know how much it costs to buy these fragments or even graces from third party websites? Why would we spend money on your D-Shop when markets like this are allowed to exist?

The new character jump event 
I just heard about this from a friend, and this idea absolutely infuriates me. I just recently spent a fair amount of time leveling a character from 1 to 185. I spent a lot of time working towards that goal. For you to undermine all that effort is disgusting for various reasons. Any new traffic that you attract with this event will quickly come to the conclusion that they need runes in order to progress any further. At 160+ runes are vital to experience gain. New players simply don't have the funding to pull 1600 seed of dreams out their ass for a weeks worth of runes, and most of these players are unwilling to spend money on a game that just gave them level 170 for free. Why should any of us continue to waste our time when you can turn around and start giving away levels for free. Who knows, next month you may just start jumping new characters to level 200. But what will they do after that? Hell what will these new characters do once they hit lv 185? Hell Pyron equipment costs graces to obtain, graces these new toons won't have unless they are backed by another account. So where are they to go at that point? The problem is that you fail to bridge the gap between new characters and those who are established with full +10. In 15 days the gear you have provided these characters will be gone. Then what? Levels are just levels, gear is everything in this game.

Private server sector
As someone who used to work in this sector, your comments on this subject are nothing short of a joke. I know the private sector very well, and I know how they operate. This is nothing more than a sad attempt to pull more traffic to your abomination of a game. The fact of the matter is we the people do it better than you. Private servers have historically been run better than the official game. I strongly urge you to cease and desist. If you actually make an attempt to go after these giants who have been successful far longer than you, you will regret what happens. You're having trouble maintaining a player base now. Established members are quitting with no sign of return. You have very little new player traffic coming in. If you try to kick the beehives in the private sector you can expect to have trouble keeping your servers online at all. This is a promise, not a threat but rather a warning. Microsoft tried to make the same move with Minecraft and failed. Now Minecraft and Dekaron private servers are very different communities. In the sense of Dekaron's private sector is full of aggressive programmers and hackers. The way the larger private servers remain in power is by hoarding critical files and shutting down any attempts at competition via denial of service. If you think your servers are not vulnerable; expect to be proven wrong.

You are dying, this game will never be what it once was. If you are smart; you will shut down your servers for good before you start really losing money.


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