BG DogFights Maps

About time we do something about the BG DogFights maps (Crater Dogfight, Pargona East Dogfight), People are abusing this lovely map & idea to make freekills from unskilled people (that join these maps hoping to learn flying aircrafts in BG) to spawnkill them.
My suggestion is similar to Fort Island is to mine (make it a death-zone for the enemies approaching) the main bases and not just the main I mean mining a certain safe perimeter that allows players to take-off and fly to the fight itself with recharge stations FAR from the perimeter limits, I think it will be more than fair to these two awesome maps, so that we all can play fairly and have more skilled pilots in BG.


  • KillingtimeKillingtime Posts: 246Member Trainee
    yeah need some anti spawn camp measures and also Pargona Dogfight Apache shouldn't have lock-on because its making most helis unuseable, it doesn't have lock-on in Korean WR and the map is much more balanced this way.
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