[BS-GLB EVENT] BlackShot Horror Picture Show

DSHDIABODSHDIABO Posts: 725BS DSH Intermediate
edited October 2020 Event

 Event Mechanics: 

- From 22 oct - 17 nov, you need to create a Halloween themed BlackShot video montage;

- Upload your video montage to YouTube with the title ‘BlackShot Horror Story : IGN/Character Name’;

- Share your video montage YouTube link on this event topic with your BlackShot account 
IGN/Character Name;

All participants will be reward and 5 lucky winners will receive top rewards;

 Event Rewards: 

- 5 Lucky Winners: Seasonal Weapons Package 7 days;

- Participants: AS Val Biohazard 3 days;

 Event Rules: 

- We will only consider as valid participants users that follow the event mechanics;

- You can participate multiple times but all entries will be considered as 1;

- Video montages need to be made with your account;

- Behavior that violates our abuse policy is grounds for disqualification from this event;

Team BlackShot


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